A Steven Universe game made in paint and notepad.


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very cool, i wish there was an ending and plot though

Same. I used to have a really funny scene with Pearl, where you could ask her to fuse, but then she told you she was out of your league, and then it killed you as a result of the emotional damage! I ended up removing that because I was going to have her be the quest giver, but I never finished that system (in hindsight Garnet should have been the quest giver, and I really hope the version with that joke got saved on some archive somewhere).


i LOVE it!

Thanks man, this was just how I dealt with the hiatuses xD


decided to stopm at 2100+ hp, 220 dollars and 130 donuts. seems reasonable to hold 130 donuts in my pocket ngl

lmao, just logging back into this account for the first time since like high-school. Bravo man; big if true.


I think that in some places it could have better backgrounds like inside the beach house, but i liked the idea of the game!


you are stealing the hole house

Literally just traced frames in paint, ye.



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This is enjoyable, it lacks things that most gamers love though.Nonetheless its a great game.


While currently simplistic, I admire the time and effort to create all those backgrounds! Not bad to spend a few minutes with if you're a fan of the show.